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Philosophy and Economics

CFA: Stockholm Region Workshop on Economics & Philosophy

In order to facilitate the interaction between economists and philosophers in the Stockholm region, SU and KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) are co-organizing a one-day workshop on March 10th.

Helen Frowe

Helen Frowe in Philosophy 24/7 podcast

How far can we go in self defence? And are some civilians legitimate targets in war? These are some of the questions Helen discusses this in the latest podcast from Philosophy 24/7

Photo of Karl Nygren

The Department of Philosophy welcomes a new PhD students

We’re pleased to announce the appointment of a new PhD student at the department of philosophy: Karl Nygren (theoretical philosophy).

Gunnar Björnsson Teaser

The Department of Philosophy welcomes Gunnar Björnsson

We’re pleased to announce a new appointment at the department of philosophy: Gunnar Björnsson (practical philosophy).

Uppsala universitet

Conference on Women in Philosophy and student workshops for female students organized by Uppsala Uni

Uppsala university organizes the conference Women in Philosophy: Philosophy in Action (May 22-23, 2017).